Using the service is easy and what’s even more appealing for those looking for trades is that the service is completely FREE.

We understand that the urgency and volume of requests can vary significantly.

You may need a single trade or you may have a large request of 50-100 trades to build out an entire panel for a new region you’re setting up. We have solutions to accommodate all of your needs.

There are 3 easy approaches you can take to get access to our members:

The simplest and preferred method is by lodging a request via our website.

It’s as easy as filling out the online form detailing the:

– Type of trades your after

– The number of each you need

– When you need them by

– A brief paragraph outlining any specific requirements you want to let us know about your request


We need 6 x licensed and insured metal roofing companies with insurance experience to join our panel following the recent hail storms in Brisbane.

For urgent requests you can call or email our office and we will assign one of our procurement specialists to assist you with the process.

Once we receive your request we will run the details through our database to identify any of our members that meet your requirements.

Our procurement specialists will contact each of the members to undertake additional screening and to confirm that they are available to take on more work if they are referred as part of our request.

Once all the appropriate members have been identified, a procurement pack containing a one page business profile of each of the suitable members, with contact names, numbers, and any special comments our team wants to bring to your attention….. will be issued for your review.

All the hard work of finding the right trades or service providers is done.

You can choose to contact and engage 1, all or none of the members we provide you in the Procurement Pack.

At no time do we provide any information about your company to the identified members.

From here its all up to you!

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