Our strategic focus is to provide our members access to contract work opportunities through AIBNs long standing networks and relationship with key contacts within insurance companies, brokers, loss adjusters and insurance builders. Simultaneously providing a simple, fast and effective procurement service to our clients in their time of need

Need more work? More Consistency? More Reliability?


As a member of AIBN you can expect to receive access to contract opportunities that you would not normally be aware of or have access to.


The requests we receive are not available to the general public with only registered members being presented to our partners.

Insurance companies are requesting trades from AIBN on a daily basis.

Join the AIBN network today & grow your business to it’s full potential.

Will I get much work?

Whilst we do provide opportunities for single projects, generally the requests we receive are for ongoing service contracts as a preferred trade on the panel of our Partner. We open the door, however its up to you to ensure that your service and quality standards are met to ensure ongoing work. We have relationships with over 40 organisations that use AIBN to assist them in sourcing trades for their preferred panels and their insurance repair projects.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Easy to deal with, great communication and good references.
Eli Vincent

Vincent Roofing BNE Pty Ltd

I am a member with Australian Insurance Builder Network and since joining I have found them to be very professional and my experience has been very positive. I have established opportunities with a few different insurance builders and have had on going work through them.

Owner / Economy Roofing and Guttering

What a game changer the AIBN has been for our business. Working with such a professional, dedicated team has allowed us to expand our contact network, and bring our services to a whole new level. We look forward to continued growth and ongoing success
Sorel Campbell

Office Manager / TomKat Roofing

‘’Since becoming a member with AIBN I am really happy, I have been continually working with one of the largest claim managers for over a year and the relationship is going really well for me and my business”
Borche Risteski

Global Painting and Maintenance Pty Ltd - Hurstville

We have been with AIBN for a year and they have increase our business by 300% THANK YOU AIBN - 21 April 2021
Home State Services

Home State Services Pty Ltd

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